Bienvenue dans le Sanctuaire virtuel de la Déesse irlandaise

Aller à la rencontre de Morrigan I (eng)

Morrigan visualization exercise :

You are within the green glow of the living earth,
Feeling the sphere of the globe
As the physical extent of your body,
The manifestation of your flesh.
The seas are the flow of your blood,
The mountains are your bones,
The winds your breath.
The roads and cities are your nervous system,
The dreams of humanity your mind.
And throughout this body
There is warfare and destruction,
An there is the making way
For the New life
There is anger and contention
And there is friendly competition
The cry of teams and players
There is negative conflict
There is positive competition
In the midst of both
There is crackling energy
There is the strength
The power
The Great Warrior Goddess
Who wears two faces
It is the Goddess who is the world,
It is she who fights in every battle
Who competes in every race
And in her rage and frenzy
Joy and ecstasy
You sense the defense of the good
And the opposing of evil.
In the ceaseless struggle of the people
Are the birth-pangs
Of a better future striving to be born.
In the revolutions are cries for justice,
In the wars are a reaching for peace,
In the violence a need for self-defense.
In all of this rough play
The mind of the world is striving
For better dreams,
And the heroes strive to defend what they love.
And this is Joy of Morrigan!
For we are all one world,
One life, one flesh;
And life is struggle, competition and joy
And from lesson you turn away,
Falling back to where you began,
To breathe in the healing and hope of the world
The energies of strength
And compassion.

From the author « Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment » by Sophia

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