Bienvenue dans le Sanctuaire virtuel de la Déesse irlandaise

Travailler avec Morrigan sur la colère

Voici un témoignage anglophone, que j’espère n’être pas trop compliqué à comprendre (et assez court). Je mets en en évidence des parties qui me paraissent particulièrement importantes/clés.


“Conflict is an intrinsic part of life – it pointless to try to avoid it altogether. You can just stand your ground and let other people to worry about their hurts.”

Learning this seems to be a key part of my path with Her Ladyship The Morrigan, if anything else because I am the sort of person that tends to keep the peace, softening the blows during arguments and expressed her anger with polite passive-aggressiveness even when that anger is entitled. None of those traits is a bad thing, necessarily, and I don’t really let other people to walk over me anyway but… there’s something very frustrating in not feeling free of expressing your more aggressive-assertive side, that is like the difference between self-censure and self-moderation.

The Morrigan inspires me to move past that, past the concerns of appearing too ‘affected’ by an offense, or the excesses of concern over how others might feel about something edgy I say during an argument.

She teaches that in order to be balanced you also need to know yourself at both side of the spectrum the quietness AND the battle, that sometimes it is not enough to just sit idly and believing you are right to affirm your rights… to be able to stand up for your ideals and needs is part of having honor too.

The more I research about Her, the most often I see referenced as a goddess of strife and war like those things are the core of Her… and they are, in a way and yet… not quite.

The Morrigan is Strenght, Power, Sovereignty at their most pure, bare state – those qualities can’t assert themselves without conflict because each of them requires that you confront yourself with something else.

She is a goddess of the battle – in every possible meaning of the word -but I don’t think it’s the battle in itself. I think that during a battle She is that impetus that pushes you forward, to survive and to win and to honor that inner competitive spirit everyone got inside them at some degree. She is the challenger that provokes your pride so you will best even yourself.

It’s not case She was the raven that croaked over the battlefield, both spurring her disciples on and frightening their enemies to death.

Or at least, this is my impression of Her so far – you will never know what can change during the journey.

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