Un rite de possession de la Morrigan

Court témoignage anglophone de Sarah Lawless qui porte beaucoup de force je trouve. J’ai ressenti beaucoup de choses en le lisant et il fait écho à mes expériences.

That evening the priesthood of Coru Cathubodua performed a ritual evoking the Morrigan with a Gaulish chant they’d taught us earlier. Morpheus drew her down in a possessory rite; her breath heavy, screaming, her pale eyes like fire, her voice husky and loud unlike her normal voice, soft and sweet. Some were scared, but everyone held strong. The Morrigan called us all to be heroes, to act heroically in our lives for ourselves and others. She called our bloodlines to us, going back into the far reaches of time – all the heroes that came before us. Together, in a room of seventy that was truly thousands upon thousands, we blessed a sword to be offered to the land in order to bring back sovereignty to our land and its people. The Morrigan left, we grounded and rested.

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~ par Valiel Elentári sur octobre 24, 2012.

Une Réponse to “Un rite de possession de la Morrigan”

  1. This was a wonderful, inspiring read!

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