On y est ! Une anthologie collective !

Bonjour à tous ! 

J’ai le grand plaisir de voir que le projet outre-atlantique qui pataugeait depuis une bonne grosse année a pris son envol ! Neos Alexandria annonce enfin un appel à contribution pour un ouvrage collectif à la Morrigan ! Voici les infos de base : 

Call for Submissions! Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking submissions for a devotional anthology in honor of The Morrigan: she who is the Battle Queen, the Phantom Queen, the Bloody Raven, the Wolf of War, the White Heifer, The Old Crow, the Black Eel, the Washerwoman at the Ford, Goddess of strife, power, and sovereignty. This anthology is being edited by Nicole Ross.

We are interested in poetry, short fiction, rituals, meditations, recipes, prayers, personal experiences, artwork and photography, and anything else you would like to offer Her. Examples of acceptable submissions include, but are not limited to: an analysis of the origin and meaning of Her name; a discussion of the Morrigan’s relationship with Cuchulainn; compare/contrast the Morrigan with other Goddesses/powers such as the Valkyries, Freyja, Perchta, the banshee, and so forth; the Morrigan’s relationship to the land of Ireland itself; analysis of the Morrigan in primary sources, such as Tain Bo Cuailnge, Lenor Gabala Erenn, and so forth; original translations of primary sources; retellings of myths featuring the Morrigan; original short fiction featuring the Morrigan; instructions on how to build an altar for Her; a list of suggested offerings and how to make them; and so on.
Multiple and simultaneous submissions are fine. Previously published material is acceptable, provided the author/artist retains control of the creation. Absolutely *no plagiarism*. Upon acceptance, the contributor will be asked to sign a permission to publish form, granting Bibliotheca Alexandrina the right to include the submission in all print and digital editions of the anthology.
Attachments are acceptable, but please send them in .rtf. Do not send .doc or .docx attachments. All artwork must be sent in .png format and must be at least 300dpi.
As a devotional act in honor the Morrigan, editor Nicole Ross will provide one free copy to each contributor.
Submissions open 15 March and close 15 October 2013, with a projected release date of December 2013. Send all queries and submissions to editor Nicole Ross at nmrossmsu@gmail.com.

Je propose tous les habitués de ce sanctuaire adorateurs de Morrigan à nous rejoindre sur le forum pour discuter d’éventuelles contributions à envoyer tous ensemble. L’ouvrage pourrait ainsi offrir enfin une petite perspective de païens français. 


~ par Valiel Elentári sur mars 12, 2013.

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