L’essence du pouvoir personnel

Juste une courte citation :

« These Goddesses threw down a gauntlet: for us to defend ourselves, and to learn how to stand tall because, as Freya transmitted, we had “The task of rebuilding a nation.” For me, this standing tall is a way of being in the world. It is a stance that says, “I will respect you, because I respect myself first. I am firmly centered around my core power.” When we walk through the world in this way, we radiate strength, health, and well being to all. We can teach each other this attitude, and whether in a ‘chair, or on our feet, the Goddesses enjoin us to be big, to be fierce, and to love with a power that shakes all the worlds. »

Teaching self respect in our communities, to our children, to other adults, to our friends, to our Groves, Lodges, Covens, and in our Hofs will help us all to reach to our full height. If I respect myself, I have no need to bully you. Bullying, whether from corporations or in the schoolyard, is seated in disrespect. Its origin is a deep sense that at core, we are not in control of our own lives so we must needs control the lives of others. It shows a profound lack of power. Force is a weakness. It is just as much a lack of true power as the sense of powerlessness those kids must have felt, day after day, battered by ignorance, fear, and hatred.

 Source : Thorn Coyle


~ par Valiel Elentári sur avril 20, 2013.

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