The Morrigan Speaks

– 30/11/2014 –


« Between the shadows of the worlds
I call your name
Reclaiming what has been lost
And what is being stolen

You are my children
Lost in a time of despair
Feeling weak

Don’t let yourselves be fooled
By the doubts and the false voices
There is only you and me
Look for my shadow and my marks
There is no authority but me
Only your heart can tell the difference

From the edges of the worlds
I roam and roam and wander
Waiting for you to wake up, to listen
In that silent place I watch and wait
For your devotions
For your own sake

Rise, rise, my children
Don’t let yourselves be fooled
Don’t let them crush you
Dominate you
Eat you
You’ll lose only if you permit it
They’ll eat you only if you let them

You are my warriors
You have that fire within your soul
That flickering light of life
That inextinguishable power

They will try to erase it
Or to use it 
As they will try to undermine me
To get you away from me 
But only your love
The love of yourselves
And the love of me 
Can prevent it »


~ par Valiel Elentári sur novembre 30, 2014.

2 Réponses to “The Morrigan Speaks”

  1. Thinky thoughts. This is a lovely poem, Valiel. Thank you for sharing. And thanks to The Morrigan too. ^^

  2. powerful and beautiful =)

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