It’s Been a Long Time

How have you been my children?
What are you doing?
Scattered to the wind you are
Busy busy lost in the day’s work

How have you been my children?
How much time has it been
Since you last stopped your pace & looked around?
When was the last time
You put your feet
In the mud or dirt or sand?

Do you still hear those murmurs in the wind?
Do you even listen?
Where are my crows
That used to circle around?
Where are the offerings
For the sprites?

I wonder now
Where are your roots?
Where is your center?
Can you still feel your soul?

How have you been my children?

It’s been a long time
It’s time to kindle the embers


. Valiel . 29/01/2016


~ par Valiel Elentári sur janvier 31, 2016.

2 Réponses to “It’s Been a Long Time”

  1. I read. I read again. I listen but I not hear. I am offline. The link with the Earth, day by day become a memory. Only a memory. It’s my fault, my responsibility. I have good advice here. But…. I cannot go to my old forest. I’m not going to my river. I forget to watch the sun rise. I forget to watch the sun set. The wind knocks on my window closed. The wind screams, cries. But I do not open. I am too busy. I whisper: « I am a normal man without memory. I forget. I am falling asleep ». I miss her. But I see the signs. Her signs. For me, it’s not the end. But it’s not a new beginning. It was a dream. It was a nightmare. It’s a dream into a nightmare. I sleep in the dream. Yesterday, maybe, she made me a sign. She did not need to knock on the window : she shows where I look…a field with crows in the second episode of the X-Files, season 10… I smiled but I said nothing. It’s our secret.

    I wish you a merry and happy year Valiel. Thank you.

  2. Je regardais autrefois ce clip en y voyant la reine Mab, un personnage de fiction, pour j’affectionnais. Aujourd’hui, je la vois elle et je perçois un instant la clé qu’elle tend « You’re frozen when your heart’s not open ».

    Clé inaccessible.

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