Bienvenue dans le Sanctuaire virtuel de la Déesse irlandaise

The Priestesses

Introductions of the Prietesses working on this platform

Phronesis has been devoted to the Morrigan for a few years, and has recently entered her priesthood. To her, the Morrigan is both Unique and Multiple; sometimes She’s one Entity with many faces, sometimes she’s a group of sisters. She didn’t reach any conclusion yet. Her work as a priestess is mostly focused on prophecy and incantation, even though she also works a lot with Macha. She is a spirit-worker and walking on Irish path: her practices take roots into the Irish poetic tradition of filidecht, both its magical and divinatory aspects. She’s profoundly animist, working with many spirits, but most particularly the spirit of Ogam feda, spirits of places, the dead, and spirits of deep waters. She practices traditional folk witchcraft of her region and water magic. Her approach draws inspiration from reconstructionism without strictly adhering to that way of doing things; but her vision is still traditionalist.

Valiel writes, translates, creates content and facilitates communities online since at least 2009, around the topic of paganism, spirituality, cartomancy and creativity. She’s a hard polytheist and deep animist. Priestess of the Morrigan and Spirit-worker, her path follows the Spirits more than a tradition. She’s been serving sometimes public communities (most notable through her online shrine L’Antre de Morrigan), sometimes private communities (private clients, friends; and Spirits). Her approach is mostly mystical and free, following the Powers she works with, but she has always valued and advocated for serious mythological and cultural knowledge. Even though she has practiced with Entities from many different cultural areas, the current foundation of devotional polytheism is “Celtic” (Irish and Gaulish) and Norse. Despite the fact that polytheism let us hear only the “theos”, God part, it does contain animist beliefs. Her practices are very deeply marked in that sense: she practices with Spirits of Place, Ancestors, the Dead, certain specific groups of Dead, Beings from the Sidhe, Spirits of the Sea, among others. She interacts a lot with the Morrigan as “Phantom Queen”, that being the Sovereignty of/from the Otherworld (Sidh), but has also worked quite a lot with Macha, Aine and other sovereign figures from Local Places. Even though the Morrigan presents herself most of the time as One, she can take different, singular faces, and even under other names (Macha). It’s the whole complexity of the Irish theology that slips through her fingers.